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Stop Starry Project

The Stop Starry project will take direct action to stop the spread of Starry Stonewort, a highly destructive aquatic invasive species BEFORE it is spread widely in Minnesota by placing boat cleaning stations at every boat ramp on the 14 lakes currently infested with starry stonewort.

Our solution is simple. Provide the tools people need to do the right thing at the places they need them - on the boat ramps. Leverage targeted community education and support to increase user rates. Augment with ramp improvements that are shown to further increase the use of the equipment and subsequent reduction in the risk of AIS spread.

Your contribution to this effort will demonstrate local support as FWCF goes out to other funding sources including foundations, state government and corporations.

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Lake and Watershed Assistance Program, LWAP

Direct action by local groups is critically important to protecting Minnesota’s water resources but organizing for such action can be daunting.

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Farm to table for agriculture that protects water quality

If you want to save a lake, buy your meat from one of these farmers….

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